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At the heart of our vision at Studio LeeLynch is the showcasing of South African design and craft both locally and globally.  Sharing a different perspective of South Africa through design and creativity contributes to overturning outdated ideas about Africa and its place in the world. This is ultimately our intention and focus.


Contributing to the creation of an authentic South African aesthetic, one that reflects our bold, unique, unexpected, and resourceful creativity, one that looks to the future, but draws on the past to reveal an optimistic potential and ultimately contribute to South African design being recognized globally as a category brand. 

The amplification of positive stories relating to social upliftment and the role of design and creative thinking within the South African design landscape is key to our approach and interior design process.    


At the heart of our practice at studio leelynch is the meaningful curation of SA design combined with a turn key interior design service that meets our varied clients individual needs. 

The process of design curation is strongly linked to an obsessive pursuit of beauty and 



relevant content coupled with a deep need to reveal and share stories in a visual expression that creates new perspectives. Sharing a crafted visual expression of our complex society is an emotional experience, it amplifies the wealth of the past and its relevance now as we search for meaningful ways to express our South African identity.  


Showcasing a new generation of South African designers who are looking to share aspects of their identity which in many instances, has been neglected or forgotten is both rewarding and a necessary responsibility as a South African interior and showcase designer.  The emerging aesthetic of contemporary SA design is a creative opportunity for designers to delve deeper into aspects of identity, to resurrect and amplify the crafted poetry of our past, it’s an opportunity to tell the beautiful stories we need to remember now so that we can all see the future differently. 




My design philosophy is focused on developing a deeply conscious response to the particular requirements of my clients.  Interior design solutions must be memorable, supportive, and nurturing. The intended outcome is the realisation of a timeless solution that inspires.


In addition to a conscious design solution, the meaningful spend of resources must be a focus of the design process. Creating opportunities for social upliftment as an additional project outcome and the showcasing of established

and emerging South African Design talent both locally and globally is a core focus of my approach.

I studied Visual Art at Stellenbosch university, and through my years of undergraduate and postgraduate study, developed a particular aesthetic vision, that has been the driving force behind a career built on a passion for the creative world of interiors, styled experiences and design.


Having worked in interior design, rebranding, visual communications, interior/design magazines and art direction, I have had the privilege of drawing together and working in collaboration with many varied talented people across all aspects of design and production.

The collaborative aspect is hugely important to me, and I have had the good fortune to initiate and curate Nando's massive, long-term collaboration with South African designers and makers, which has involved the complete revamp of Nando's Central Kitchen as a show case of contemporary SA design and the introduction of South African design into the restaurants across the globe.  The Portal to Africa and the Hot Young Designers platform as well as Clout magazine and Clout Industry days are all facets of the project work I have contributed to and have been involved with conceptualizing, designing, communicating and implementing for Nando’s.


My goal is always the establishment of relationships between creatives; with the ultimate aim of bringing Southern African design to the world through my passion for transformation, image making, story telling and design.





Tracy received a Bronze Loerie Award for both the interior design of Nando's Rosettenville and the design of the Social Distancing Accessories in 2020.

Invited Designer, Clout Cafe, 100 Percent Design SA. 2019

Marie Claire Future Shaper 2018 ‘From the trailblazers in the boardroom to the

creative innovators out in the field, Marie Claire is celebrating the forward-thinking,

fearless career women who are raising the bar, breaking down barriers, paving the

way forward and shaping the way we see the future in South Africa.

’Nando's Heartfelt Celebration of South African design and Nando's Chicken Run

won the Shared Value Grand Prix Award at the 2016 Loeries.

Nando's Heartfelt Celebration of SA Design won a BASA (Business and Art South

Africa) Award in 2016.

Tracy received a Bronze Loerie Award for the interior design of Nando's Central

Kitchen in 2016

Internationally, Tracy Lynch won a Shaw Group Award for the interior design of

Nando's Central Kitchen in 2015.

All these projects are focused on showcasing SA design.

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