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We need to continue to find new ways of expressing our South African heritage, of making creative connections and building community. Storytelling, music, art and design are our chosen tools. We are constantly wanting to expand our creative pool and it’s creative reach. Constitution Hill is a dynamic and logical space within which to begin exploring new creative possibilities. 

Through this process we can develop new sensory dialogues that deeply connect us to the creative and cultural landscape of South Africa, past and present. 

Our new design language will be channelled into the decorative and functional elements of all the spaces, lighting, patterning, woven elements, are all included and bring new life and layers to the extraordinary spaces. Beaded Light By Ma Design 


Con Hill, The site of our landmark court which previously was a space that detained South African struggle heroes. Things change. This is a project that profoundly Reflects the principle of change. 

Nothing that is alive or growing can be static. This principle of change has always been built into the fabric of Nando's' design language – a deep understanding that change is what breathes new life into ideas and people. 

Change that doesn't cut connections with the past, but allows the past to form a solid foundation upon which things are given the room to grow, shift and develop. This is the basis of the interior design language for the Flame Studios at Con Hill, fired up by Nando’s. 

My intention is to create a dynamic and inspiring interior design that shares the pieces of relevant local SA designers. To work with designers and makers that share aspects of contemporary SA culture and are inspired by Heritage and craft. 

The approach is collaborative and everyone benefits. Scorching hot South African design literally becomes part of the furniture. This will be a celebration of remarkable South African heritage and will embody our belief of investing in the people of South Africa, nurturing their talent and showcasing their creativity to the world. 

The studio at Con Hill presents an opportunity to connect SA design and music and art to incorporate the particular unique aesthetic of South African artistic culture and visual language into the rich tapestry of history at Con Hill. 

This is a unique opportunity to develop and grow the sensory tools at our disposal and deepen connections. 


Flame Studios, Constitution Hill


South Africa



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