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2018 Future Shapers

‘From the trailblazers in the boardroom tho the creative innovators out in the field, Marie Claire is celebrating the forward-thinking, fearless career women who are raising the bar, breaking down barriers, paving the way forward and shaping the way we see the future in South Africa.’ 


Instagram: @marieclairesa

Twitter @marieclaire_sa


What is your vision for architecture in South Africa in 2100?

Our communities will have their dignity restored when there’s been a radical reimagining of our built environments as a place where beauty, technology

and design innovation are deeply integrated; when we see that our cities are designed to support communities, rather than imposing themselves

architecturally on the landscape without regard for the people within it. And when our buildings generate and conserve energy.

Seven female creatives on your watch list?

Designer Thabiso Mjo, creative Tulsha Booysen, design activist Wavy Zacharis, designer Nkuli Mlangeni from Ninevites and artists Mary Sibande

and Liza Grobler.


How does the future look to you and how are you contributing?

I’m daring to be optimistic. For my part, I’d like to continue taking South African design and creativity to the world; to help overturn outdated ideas

about Africa and its place in the world. I want to share a different vision of ourselves – one that reflects our bold, unique, unexpected, authentic and

resourceful creative responses to challenges. A vision that looks to the future, but also draws on the past.


Marie Claire


Marie Claire

Magazine, South Africa


July/ August 2018

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