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ROSETTENVILLE:  The Original Home of Nando's Revisioned.

This casa was where it all started for in 1987, making this revamp significant as the

redesign of the original Nando’s casa. Finally this humble space has become an

extraordinary showcase of South African design and now forms part of Nando’s

commitment to collaborate with South Africa's design sector on a massive scale.


Loeries Awards



South Africa



The opportunity to showcase South African design through the Nando’s restaurants compliments the chain’s commitment to include South African art in all their interior spaces globally. Nando’s owns the largest collection of curated contemporary South African art in the world, facilitated by the Spier Arts Trust.

Interior designer Tracy Lynch of Studio Leelynch says, "One of the qualities I love most about South African design is the inclusion of craft elements. Through the inclusion of craft we acknowledge the past, but by juxtaposing these handmade elements with cutting-edge technology we create a new and unique chapter, one which consciously highlights our history and journey as SA designer-makers.

Touch, taste, hear, smell, see; we're all familiar with the basic human senses. It goes without saying that a fully realised and functioning interior can tickle all the senses and give the end-user an experience they'll keep coming back for.


As an interior designer I get to experience this first-hand, the privilege and challenge of creating engaging and authentic spaces for Nando's. This guides me in my role as the creative director of the Nando's design programme, to recognize, harness and amplify the potential I see in the design and craft communities of South Africa and vision links that enhance the Nando's design approach.


While the chicken and the vibey environment of Nando's restaurants – casas as we affectionally call them – have the taste and hearing covered, it's largely up to the interiors to cover the rest. Each light, each chair, and every single pattern represents thousands of hours of work, hundreds of hands and minds, and

represents millions of Rands going into the South African economy. Nando’s Rosettenville was a privilege to redesign and align with the passion and South African energy inherent to this incredible brand."

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