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2020 VM Forward Festival

Tracy Lynch is the founder of Lee Lynch Studio and the Creative Director of Nando's Design Programme. She is a creative director, an interior designer, and a curator of South African design. 

Her design philosophy is focussed on developing a deeply conscious response to the particular requirements of her clients. Powerful brand experiences which reflect the vision and values of the project initiators are at the heart of her creative direction. The intended outcome is the realisation of a product, event, experience, or interior that has the ability to inspire and to be more than the sum of its parts. In addition to conscious creative direction, the meaningful collaboration with local Southern African crafters, designers, and creatives is an integral aspect of her design approach. Having worked in interior design, rebranding, visual communications, interior/design magazines, and art direction, she has had the privilege of drawing together and working in collaboration with talented people across all aspects of design and production. She values collaboration, and believes that only by drawing on South Africa 's wealth of talent can truly memorable and meaningful design be achieved. 

Lynch has received a variety of awards, incluing the Shared Value Grand Prix Award  for Nando's Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design and Nando's Chicken Run, and a Bronze Award for the interior design of Nando's Central Kitchen  Loeries 2016). Tracy also won a BASA (Business and Art South Africa) Award for Nando's Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design, and a Shaw Group Award for the interior design of Nando's Central Kitchen in 2015.

Speaker — Tracy Lynch / Founder & Creative Director
Company — Lee Lynch Studio


VM Forward 




South Africa



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