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Studio LeeLynch's brief for the rooms, communal spaces, atrium, lounge and reception was to create a space that would inspire visitors. Our response was to bring the streets of Woodstock inside, using local designers and suppliers to evoke a sense of the area.

“I was especially interested in sharing the creative spirit of Woodstock and surrounds,”

“I went about designing three different styles, namely: Urban Jungle, Urban Art and Urban Pattern. My overarching design focus was to work with creatives and designer-makers from the area, so I sourced and collaborated on pieces connected to Woodstock.”

Studio Leelynch created an ever-changing exhibition in the atrium of the hotel, a curated display of local talent from the area.  


A trendy communal lounge, complete with a bar,  replace, pool table and foosball table – leads to the gym and a deck featuring a heated pool with 180-degree views.  


The walls are adorned with plastic rugs from Jambo that we had framed, and a profusion of plants from Flourish Plant Studio adds a fresh element. 


Located in the epicentre of it all, Stock Exchange is the best place to get a feel of the talent and creativity that is bountiful in the Woodstock district.

Every apartment-style suite at the Stock Exchange features a host of designs by well-known local designers:


The striking wallpaper, called Cape Town Weave, is a design by Fabricnation for Robin Sprong, matched with a strip paint effect by Tess Metcalf.


Pedersen + Lennard made the Huguenot table and the large white Salisbury lamp.


The Milk stools are by Honesty Peter Story from Timber Furniture and Rustic Frames, and above the table is an Isaka pendant lamp by Wiid Design.


The Saks ’50s sofa and The Saks Clarke chairs are by Dan Saks from Saks Corner, and the Lex coffee table is by Dark Horse,standing on a Ladders rug from Haus by Hertex.


The Sweetie Paper art is by Heartworks, framed by C&G Fine Art.

Woodstock Blind society was commissioned to create the woven lights, creating opportunities for local communities was a big focus of the design direction. 


Stock Exchange



Cape Town


February 2019

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