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Old friends young talent is exactly what it says on the tin. Immense industry experience on every kind of brand and business, working with loads of fresh young talent, drawn from every corner of our county, from every race and socio-economic background.


“Our talent comes from a wide spread of design and advertising schools, technikons and universities; both the low cost and the elite. They're our creative pool and more. They're also an insight factory, tasked to gather intelligence and insights among their friends, families and neighbours for the ultimate benefit of our clients.”


Studio Leelynch was commissioned to design and implement the interior for the teams new office space which includes meeting rooms, a board room and a large open plan office space with reception and a fantastic canteen/bar area. The creative spirit of the agency is reflected in the bold and dynamic graphic and color blocking panels. All the furniture has been designed and manufactured in SA and includes patterned and planted installations. 


Old Friends Young Talent

Office Space



Cape Town


November 2018

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