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The brief was to design a dining area to accommodate fifty seated guests. The space had to be easily transformed for functions. Additional areas needing design solutions were the lounge, TV and library spaces. The entrance area needed to welcome guests and reflect the Daddy brand with its quirky, fun aesthetic.

The solution was to work with local furniture designers Pedersen & Lennard to create lightweight chairs and tables with removable upholstery. By creating free-standing partitioning, a space within a space was created. The partitioning is modular and allows the area to be reconfigured. Haystacks were utilized in the entrance as seating and a reception desk.

Living units:

The intention was to create living units that support the trailer space. They consist of a bathroom and lounge with simple sleeper couches and surfaces for serving drinks. The individually themed caravans needed were attached to the living units and for that reason the décor needed to be simple and functional.


Detox décor is an antidote to the over-the-top trailer interiors. This was my design solution. Humble materials like corrugated panels, OSB board and white-washed pine were used. I refer to the style as “IKEA on holiday”.

Photographs: Justin Patrick


Old Mac






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