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The ambition is to respond more deeply to the challenge posed by the interior design problems. There exists an opportunity to integrate the interior design process into the organisation's programme, so that rather than merely applying a superficial 'fix' to the current problem, the design scheme forms an integral

part of the projects' entire ethos.


The interior design schemes need to embody and express the values of collaboration and co-operation that Safe Hub is built on, and be informed directly by the needs of the communities they serve. These communities need to be involved in the visioning process. This is the only way to make the interiors

truly meaningful and supportive of the both the staff and users of the facilities.

Objectives was to create a world-class interior as a point of difference, and an interior that rises from the context itself. The site and its intentions should inform the design.  To Identify appropriate interior designers, artists, graphic designers and architects as key collaborators.  To inspire the kids that use the centre to collaborate with the people who come forward to participate in the project, so that kids are invested in the interiors/spaces/design.


Safe Hub


Cape Town



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